2008 State of the Association Address
Community Papers of Florida (CPF) President Jim Kendall informed members attending the annual CPF conference in Orlando that the association remains in great financial shape.

"For a number of years the CPF telemarketing representatives who sell the association's network ads have led the free paper industry in the number of network ads sold. Therefore, I am happy to report to the membership that we continue to remain in great financial shape. We can continue the CPF benefits this association is able to provide.

"We are grateful to the telemarketing personnel who provide the funds for this association. To show appreciation for their efforts, this year the board of directors approved over $40,000 to be used as awards for these representatives. The cash awards will be given to the top sellers throughout the year in a two-phase contest.

"Thanks to the budget approved by the board, CPF will continue to provide CVC audits on an annual basis. We will continue to pay the conference costs of the members who participate in the classified network. This includes paying for the hotel rooms - the only free paper association in the country to provide this benefit. Our regional programs have been a success and we will continue to provide them. As last year, the board approved a budget of $400,000 to spend on advertising in our members' publications.

"This association continues to be a leader in the free paper industry. We continue to be active with PaperChain in branding this industry. We were part of, and supported, the opening of The Leadership Institute at our joint conference with AFCP in Miami. The Institute is providing a great program for all of the free paper associations who are taking advantage of it. From Florida, Carlos Guzman is the chair of this AFCP committee. Rob Zarrilli is the dean of the institute. Members Charlie Delatorre, Chris Dayton and Jon Cantrell are on the faculty.

"Our regional training program continues to be a success. After the hurricanes several years ago, the board approved disaster funds. These funds now total over $60,000 to be used to aid our members during an emergency. The CPF office has also stored emergency supplies, food, and generators to be available when needed. We have subscribed to the HR OneSource which provides members help with employee problems.

"I want to thank the board of directors for their leadership. A special thanks to Joyce Sullivan for her past two years of service as president. Under her leadership the board of directors and non board members have become more involved in the decisions of this association.

"My goals as the incoming president are to continue our training programs, to work with the board to assure that we continue to be a benefit to our members, and to continue the trend of being a leader in the free paper industry.

"Thank you for allowing me to serve as your 2008 and 2009 president."

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