December 2009

A Year of Changes

The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) has concluded the 2009 year with a number of changes - with one exception. The sales reps at Tower Publications in Gainesville continued to rack up the dollars in the CPF network "Best of the Best" contest.During the year Pam Slaven twice won $2,000 prizes. Ann Waite won $1,500 in one contest and $1,000 in another, which made their manager, Charlie... + Read More

The President's Message: December 2009

We have a lot of work to do!With the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) classified network sales going south in 2010, the board of directors did not approve the 2010 budget at its October meeting.It turned the budget over to the finance committee, headed by Justo Rey, to wait until the end of the year to set the budget. This action was taken to see if the revenue picture changed - which it... + Read More

Legal Update: Copyrights

Basic principles of Copyright Law for Newspaper Advertisements & Independent Photographers/WritersNewspapers may run into the application of copyright laws in the following situations: running advertisements and publishing works by feature writers or independent photographers. These are discussed below. AdvertisementsLet's consider the following situation. A newspaper receives an ad from... + Read More

The Corcoran Report: Regional Transportation Funding

In early December, Governor Crist, Senate President Atwater and House Speaker Cretul announced a special session on Regional Transportation Funding. This special session was called to prepare the state of Florida to competitively seek federal stimulus funding for rail programs within the state. After several days of discussion and debate, the Florida House and Senate passed legislation paving the... + Read More

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