November 2010

Ahoy, Mates!

It seems like only yesterday that many of us gathered in Tucson for the AFCP 2010 annual conference. What a great experience! And many of us met a week later in Orlando for the CPF 2010 conference. Again, it was a top-level show.This year I am proud to tell you that AFCP and CPF will be combining forces to bring you yet another fantastic gathering of industry professionals at the beautiful... + Read More

The President's Message: November 2010

A look back & a look aheadWell done, CPF office! The 50th Anniversary book that was recently mailed to members brought back a lot of memories.What stood out?$4,871,264.That is the total amount listed on pages 7-17 that this association has spent on member benefits since 1995 - most of it in the past 10 years. Each of those pages listed an amount at the top and the benefits it provided, such... + Read More

The Corcoran Report: November 2010

Election Reflectionby Matthew BlairFlorida's elections are behind us and mirroring the national trend, Republicans enjoyed great success this election cycle. The net results in Florida are the addition of five Republican members to the Florida House, two Republican members to the Florida Senate, four Republicans to the Florida Congressional delegation and a sweep of the Florida Cabinet.... + Read More

Legal Update: USPS Enforcing Policy, Newspaper Racks on Post Office Property

The United States Postal Service in now enforcing an existing prohibition on vending of products like newspapers on postal property. Some newspapers around the country have already received notice that they must remove racks at post offices. There are exceptions to removal, particularly where the racks are in public areas such as sidewalks or paved areas that are adjacent to postal property... + Read More

Legal Update: New USPS Charges for "Droopy" Newspapers

As noted in the AP article below, under a U.S. Postal Service rule that took effect October 3, mailing costs will rise for certain deflection-failing (i.e., droopy) flat pieces of mail longer than 10 inches. Since this rule could affect those droopy newspapers that drop off newspapers at the post office, the entire rule can be found at this link: ... + Read More

Tentative 2011 Agenda

Thursday, May 5Keynote Speaker: Dan Clark's "Chicken Soup for the Free Paper Industry"Publisher's TracksGraphics Featuring Kevin SlimpCinco de Mayo ReceptionFriday, May 6Keynote Speaker: Diane Ciotta's "Industry Insights for Publishers"Publisher's TracksGraphics Featuring Kevin SlimpTLI SessionsAFCP Awards PresentationCPF Awards for Excellence... + Read More

Free Newspaper Circulation Rises Again, Audits Show

Iowa City, IA – October 29, 2010 – The combined circulation of free community newspapers grew 1.41% year over year, according to preliminary analysis by Circulation Verification Council. The independent, third-party reporting audit company's early data also shows an impressive yearly gain of 2.15% for free magazines, while shoppers remained stable, down less than a quarter of a... + Read More

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