November 2009

The President's Message: November 2009

Recap of the October Board MeetingWe made a number of decisions to protect the future of the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) association at the recently held board meeting.First, I want to express my deep sympathy to the family of Sheryl Laird and to her team members at in Tampa. Sheryl, a 17-year veteran of, and a person I was fortunate enough to know and work with,... + Read More

CPF's Annual Conference Returns to Familiar Site

The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) will return to a familiar site for its annual conference in 2010. The conference will be held April 30 - May 1 at the Renaissance Orlando (Airport) Hotel. CPF has used the Renaissance seven times in the past nine years.The board's decision was based on the Renaissance's great rates, outstanding Seville and food, and a central Florida location that is... + Read More

New Room Allocations

The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) board of directors has changed the allocation of the number of rooms that the association will pay for at the 2010 conference scheduled for April 30 - May 1, 2010, at the Renaissance Airport Hotel in Orlando.The rooms are based on the circulation of member publications that participate in the CPF classified network.For up to 100K circulation, 3 rooms are... + Read More

PaperChain: Free Paper Industry Has Reason to Cheer

Latest Audit Numbers Show Wide, Deep & Stable CirculationBefore the national circulation narrative turns to gloom and doom next week, there's plenty of reason to celebrate right now at the community level. Audit data for the first half of 2009 has just been crunched by Circulation Verification Council (CVC), and their Media Facts Release details continued circulation stability across the... + Read More

PaperChain is Promoting Free Paper Industry

PaperChain continues to work to bring positive awareness to the Community Paper Industry. We have forged a very productive relationship with D&G Communications, a public relations firm headed by Sharon Patterson. Sharon worked in our industry prior to starting her agency so she knows who we are and what we can provide to the advertising community. From the other side of the fence, the... + Read More

Board Approves Special Scholarship

The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) board of directors approved a special scholarship from its Disaster Fund for seven-year-old Kelly Laird, the daughter of Sheryl Lynn Laird.According to authorities, Laird, a 17-year veteran of in Tampa, was brutally murdered by her ex-husband, Robert. The couple was involved in a dispute over $17,880 in child support payments. She was asking for... + Read More

AFCP Seeks Executive Director

The Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) is seeking a new Executive Director to run our association and manage multiple facets of our trade group. AFCP is a national not-for-profit trade association which handles and supports events and programs to provide profitable opportunities for our community paper members. We develop revenue opportunities, web and digital strategies, training... + Read More

Legal Update: Legality of Ads

Surrogates, Employment, Cigarettes, Roofing, Sweepstakes We have received several hotline calls and e-mails regarding the legality of a variety of advertisements, some of which are grouped together into the following topics: Surrogate Mother & Sperm Donor AdsA few members have reported receiving ad copy that solicits females to become surrogate mothers and males to become sperm donors.... + Read More

Legal Update: Newspaper Photos

Are you exposed to liability from sale of images?Q: A newspaper photographer goes to a public event and takes 10 photographs. The newspaper publishes one photo in the paper and another on the paper's website to report news of the event. Then, the newspaper posts all ten photos on its website and sells prints of the photos to the public. Is the newspaper exposed to liability from the people... + Read More

The Corcoran Report: November 2009

Florida's Fall Legislative Calendar is Filling UpAfter a summer filled with campaign announcements and fund-raising events, Florida's legislative calendar is rapidly filling. An October committee week presented the opportunity for executive agencies to brief legislators on the status of their current budgets and to begin laying the groundwork for the fiscal year 2010-2011 budget... + Read More

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