October 2017

The President's Message: You Missed a Great Conference in 2017!

Rack up another successful conference for the Community Papers of Florida (CPF).What made this conference great was the overall participation of the attendees in the training sessions. Publishers, managers and sales reps stepped up to the table and shared their knowledge, which was helpful for those attending.Former CPF consultant Peter Lamb returned to moderate several well-received sessions.... + Read More

2017 State of the Association

For years, the Community Papers of Florida's flush finances were the result of its booming classified network. However, this revenue has decreased dramatically each year since 2009.Prior to 2009, the association was on a roll with income as high as $29,000 per week. Now we are down to less than $2,000 and only a few of our members continue to sell classified ads. On top of the list of... + Read More

PaperChain Update: The Fine Art of Putting On a "Dog and Pony" Show

Like many people in our industry, I loved the HBO series, "Mad Men." Though selling advertising for a community paper and a shopper in Pittsburgh was not quite as glamorous as being a high level agency executive in 1960's Manhattan, I loved watching Don Draper use his creativity and communication skills to win clients for his firm. In my favorite episode, Don and his team pitched... + Read More

The "News Guru" Speaks: Keeping Up With Styles

At the 21st session of the Newspaper Institute last week, Ed Henninger and I did something we've never done before. We taught a class together. It must have been a good idea because it was the most attended of the 26 classes offered.Titled, "What You Need to Know About Paragraph Styles," we took the group through a very fast paced 90-minute session, covering everything from simple... + Read More

Postal Pieces: 2018 Price Changes Announced

No Promotions for NowOn October 6, 2017, the Postal Service filed its Notice of Postal Rate Adjustments for Market Dominant and Competitive Products, to be effective January 21, 2018. As previously explained to mailers and industry stakeholders in earlier meetings and announcements, the annual promotions that the Postal Service has included with price changes were not included in the price... + Read More

Sales Training: Tailored for Selling

Have you fallen into an order-taking rut? Are you passively relying on your accounts to tell you what and when to advertise? Are you following their creative directions like a police artist ("Make the hair longer, make the ears bigger.")? Are you keeping up with events in their industries? Do you know which products are selling? Do you know what offers have worked in the past? What... + Read More

The President's Message: October 2017

Conference is 10 Days Away!As you know, the annual Community Papers of Florida (CPF) conference scheduled for September 15-16 at the Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina near Stuart was interrupted by Hurricane Irma.Times have been difficult for many of us in Florida for the past few weeks. I hope that you are all safe and sound and ready to set your sights on conference, which is... + Read More

Meet the 2017 Conference Speakers

The Open Mike Publishers session will kick off the CPF conference at 2:00 p.m. Friday, moderated by CPF board member Justo Rey. This is your opportunity to share ideas while learning how to add to your bottom line. Everyone attending can participate and share their knowledge with fellow publishers who have taken the time to travel to Stuart.Rey is the president and CEO of The Flyer in Florida. He... + Read More

The "News Guru" Speaks: Selling Newspapers

"We need to find ways to give our staff the tools they need to get the job done. Training is necessary if we are going to have successful ad reps, editors and writers."While attending the Tennessee Press Association Convention recently, Jack Fishman, Morristown, said those words to me as we sat at the corner of a long table, waiting for a board meeting to begin.I'm pretty sure he... + Read More

PaperChain: Framing Your Sales Message

The writer and diarist, Anais Nin, was a keen observer of human behavior. Her understanding of how we interact with one another led her to write, "We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are." In recent years, psychological research has determined the accuracy of her observation.Psychologists and communication experts have dubbed this phenomenon, "framing." As... + Read More

Sales Training: Selling on a Scale from 1 to 10

Michael was talking to me about one of his favorite sales techniques. "Even though I've been selling ads for a lot of years," he said, "there's always something new to learn. A friend in the furniture industry shared a great idea on how to ask questions to get the right kind of information. I don't know if this technique was developed specifically for the furniture... + Read More

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