March 2015

FCPAN Dissolved

The Board of Directors of the Free Community Paper Advertising Network (FCPAN) voted at their January meeting to dissolve the corporation.The network was established as a "For Profit" corporation to allow outside sales reps for the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) to sell display ads or inserts into other member publications.The association had some early success selling advertising... + Read More

The President's Message: Spring 2015

Tidbits on the Upcoming ConferenceThe conference committee has been busy planning the annual Community Papers of Florida (CPF) conference scheduled at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando September 18-19.In the planning stages are roundtable, panel and group discussions that will involve attendees. In following the suggestions made in a recent member survey, The Leadership Institute (TLI) will be... + Read More

Farris Robinson Appointed to AFCP Board of Directors

Farris Robinson has been appointed by the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) to fill a seat on the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) Board of Directors.Robinson is a current member of the CPF Board of Directors and the president of Hometown News, which publishes 15 publications on the East Coast of Florida from Daytona Beach to the Treasure Coast. The company distributes its 15 community... + Read More

Third Time's the Charm: We're Back to the Caribe!

The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) board of directors has agreed to return to the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando for the 2015 conference.The resort offers transportation to nearby Disney World, top recreation facilities and great meeting rooms. In the past it has provided good service and food as well as suites for each member who attended. Dining options include a restaurant, a coffee... + Read More

Ask and Ye Shall Receive ... the Sale!

There are a number of things that set exceptional sales people apart from their less successful peers. Generally they have a stronger work ethic, they take full responsibility for their own success or failure and they are constantly trying to improve their personal selling skills. Top sales performers also ask a lot of questions. They are very inquisitive and are always absorbing and analyzing... + Read More

The 3-Minute Idea Fair is Back

Come prepared to share an idea that you have tried and successfully implemented, one that you feel the conference attendees can take home with them and enjoy the same success with it as you have had.For instance, bring ideas for:• Special Sections• Community Awareness• Self-Promotions• Making Money• Specialty Products• Saving Money• Directories• Progress... + Read More

CVC: Easy Ways to Become "The Path of Least Resistance" for Media Buyers

Your publication does not need to have a large promotion budget to impress media buyers. By making these easy changes you can ensure your publication will stand out from the crowd.Does your media kit and rate card contain the information national media buyers really want?To help you answer this question, CVC's Board of Advisors, made up of regional and national advertisers, reviewed media... + Read More

Postal Pieces: USPS Files for Rate Changes

On January 15, 2015, the Postal Service announced, and sent to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for review, a price change filing for a CPI increase in its market dominant products. In a filing that exceeded 350 pages, the Postal Service included tables showing the rates that would go into effect on April 26, 2015, combining a CPI rate cap increase averaging 1.966% on top of the existing... + Read More

By the Numbers: How are newspapers doing right now?

In some parts of the world, people can tell spring is near by the longer days and signs of life. In my world, you can tell by the trips through airports and hours spent preparing and giving speeches.There's no doubt that it is convention season. The crowds have been large and enthusiastic. In just a few weeks I've been from Nashville, Tennessee to Bloomington, Minnesota and Columbus, Ohio... + Read More

Sales Training: A Simple Formula for (sales) meetings

Sherry works in the production department of a large paper. She told me about the special formula they frequently use in meetings that are intended to evaluate procedures. The meetings are based on three simple questions: (1) What should we start doing? (2) What should we stop doing? And (3) What should we continue? "I don't know the origin of the formula," Sherry said,... + Read More

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