February 2017

It's Time for a Change!

After three years in Orlando, the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) is returning to a beach location for its 2017 annual conference.The association is returning to a site where several previous CPF conferences were held - the Marriott Hutchinson Island Resort and Marina.This resort features a 24-hour fitness center, three heated swimming pools, two outdoor whirlpools, and there is an on-site... + Read More

The President's Message: February 2017

What are the plans for the 2017 Community Papers of Florida (CPF) annual conference?In short, we are returning to a familiar location where we will enjoy some great food and beverages, have another great program for training, embrace the opportunity to rub elbows with peers in the free paper business, thrill at the chance to win some money, and take home some awards in the annual "Awards for... + Read More

Rick Robinson Named GM of Forum Publishing Group

Richard "Rick" Robinson has been named the general manager of the Forum Publishing Group (FPG) and the west office director of sales in Southeast Florida.In his new role, Rick will oversee the sales and operations of FPG and the west office local retail sales.Robinson, a 23-year veteran in advertising sales and business development, comes to the Sun Sentinel Media Group from... + Read More

PaperChain Link & Learn: Handling Objections

Part One: "An Ounce of Prevention"One of the biggest challenges in writing a monthly column like this for more than a decade is coming up with fresh subjects to cover. Therefore, when I am doing a conference or doing consulting work, I always ask salespeople what they want me to cover. Invariably, the first thing I hear is, "Objections, we need help handling... + Read More

Kevin Slimp, The News Guru: What I Learned in Ohio

Convention season is an interesting time in the life of a speaker. Most years, I'll travel directly from one convention to the next between late January and June. Some years, the travel doesn't slow until July or August.I've purposely cut my travel this year, to make time for a couple of new projects I've begun. That's a primary reason I'm enjoying convention appearances... + Read More

Sales Training: 9 Ways to Use Numbers in Headlines

Whether on a printed page, monitor or mobile device, the headline is the most important part of an ad. It tells the reader what the ad is about. With the blink of an eye, he or she decides whether it's worth the effort to keep reading.Numbers can help you create compelling headlines, as long as they are specific and relevant. Here are a few examples. Note that these numbers as expressed as... + Read More

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