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Classified Contest
The 2017 classified contest runs in quarterly increments from January 1 through December 13, 2017, with payouts made daily (for new advertiser bonuses), monthly (for enhancement commissions) and quarterly (for contest winners) to reps. Start selling ads at any time during the year and you could win some cash! For details, click on the "Conference" tab above, then click on "The Best of the Best" in the drop-down menu. A flyer with complete rules for the current contest is posted on the bottom of the page.

Need Help Selling Network Ads?
Did you know you could earn approximately $1,000 by selling just one ad that runs 5 times? And if that ad runs 10 times, you've made almost $2,000? And by selling that same ad weekly for a year, you can earn an extra $10,270? Oh. You're not selling CPF network classified ads because you aren't sure how to? Then you don't want to miss this opportunity to have someone from the CPF staff come to your location and train your sales staff on this important benefit. Call the CPF office at 352-237-3409 to schedule your training session today!

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